What is Ryan double glazing?

Ryan double glazing is the process of upgrading single glazed windows to sealed double glazed units. We do this by removing the single pane of glass and fitting a sealed double glazed unit into the existing window frames. It is quick and trouble free and means there is no need to redecorate after we leave.

Is Ryan double glazing genuine double glazing?

Absolutely! We only fit genuine sealed double glazing into our clients' homes.

Do you double glaze timber joinery?

No. Ryan Double Glazing specialises in double glazing aluminium joinery.

Do you use our existing glass?

No. When we upgrade existing windows to double glazed windows we remove all the single glazed glass and we fit new sealed double glazed units into your existing frames.

What benefits will Ryan Double Glazing give me and my home?

Ryan double glazing can offer you many benefits including a more comfortable temperature year round, reduced UV radiation and reduced condensation. We replace your window stays and sash handles at the same time. See more information on the benefits of double glazing here.

However, to answer this question to the best of our ability we must first ask you - what benefits are you wanting from your double glazing?  Once we know this we can customise a double glazed unit that will work for you.


What is Spectrum?

Our aim is to help bring all year round comfort to as many homes as we can. To do this we are offering you the very best double glazing on the market today. Click here for more information on Spectrum.

How long does it take from saying yes to installation?

Typically between 2-4 weeks depending on our work load.


How long does installation take?

It typically takes 1-2 days to double glaze a whole home. We ensure your home is safe and secure and no windows are left open when we leave.


What does it cost?

Every home varies. We take into consideration a number of factors when quoting for your double glazing including: the age of your existing joinery, the number of units required, access to windows (single or multi storey home) and of course the make-up of the unit.

If you are interested in double glazing your home and want some more information including a quotation contact us today to take advantage of our free consultation service.

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