Why double glaze?

What does retrofit double glazing mean?

We take out the panes of glass in your existing aluminium joinery and replace them with custom made units that are made up of two panes of glass and a cavity filled with air or argon gas in between. This process is known as retrofitting.

What does Ryan Double Glazing do?

We obtain measurements for the existing aluminium windows and doors that you want to double-glaze and provide you with a quote. Depending on how big the job is we may be able to give you a quote from measurements and photos that you supply.

We then measure the joinery to make and when the deposit is paid your job goes into production. We have glass units custom made off-site. We install in Tauranga, Papamoa, Mt Maunganui and anywhere in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato. It's a simple process from our customers' point of view.

Why double glaze existing windows and doors rather than buying new?

It is significantly cheaper.

Retrofitting is a simple, tidy and comparatively quick process: No council consents are required, no builders, no need to engage subcontractors, no need to move out of your home. We match the units to the colour of your existing aluminium joinery.

We provide you with any window handles or seals that need replacing so your existing windows will work much better. Door handles can also be refreshed. We can also replace security stays or add new ones. Pet doors are an optional extra.

You can also give your aluminium windows and doors a more modern, clean look by removing vision rails and and vertical bars when double glazing.

What don’t you double glaze?

Our Tauranga double glazing specialists don’t double glaze timber joinery. Sometimes the aluminium joinery is just too old or broken to make it worth your while to retrofit but we will tell you that at an early stage.

How long does it take to make?

You can be enjoying the benefits of your double glazing within weeks. We do get busier as the winter sets in but generally the timeframe from payment of deposit to installation is around 3 to 4 weeks.

How long does it take to install?

Most jobs are completed within a day. Bigger homes take a bit longer because there are more windows and doors.

What type of glass do you use?

We like to keep it simple. We offer a top of the range Low-E glass with low emissivity qualities (known Solux-E)  and standard glass. Both units are filled with argon gas. Solux-E is the best for keeping cold out and heat in. It is more expensive and recommended for modern well insulated homes.

We won’t up-sell you to LowE glass for the sake of it. As Chris Ryan says “not much putting Ferrari tyres on a Morris Minor”.

Tinted glass is good for privacy. In areas like bathrooms you will probably want to use an opaque glass for privacy - you can choose which type you like.

Will double glazing fix my condensation?

Although double glazing helps with condensation it won't fix it altogether as there are often plenty of other places in your home where cold air will get in. Double glazed windows and doors definitely results in less condensation than with single pane joinery. Your home will be warmer too.

Our team are the best in town

We are so proud of the team that work for us. It's because of them we can guarantee you will never regret making the decision to get Ryan Double Glazing in your home.

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