Can I Double Glaze Some Windows or Does it Have to be the Whole House?

Whether you want to reduce your energy bills or create a cosier living environment, double glazing your windows is a great way to improve your home. But one question the team at Ryan Double Glazing gets asked a lot is whether it’s okay to do a portion of the house, or if we will only retrofit the whole house all at once.

It’s such a common question among Tauranga home-owners, that we’ve written a blog on the benefits of both. Read on and give us a ring for more information about double glazing your home.

The benefits of retrofitting part of your house

• Cost: if you want to warm up a particular room or area of your home, but the cost of double glazing all your windows is out of reach, a partial job can be a cost-effective solution. You can always work your way up to more rooms, spreading the cost out over a longer period of time instead of having to fork over the money all in one go.

• Minimal disruption: retrofitting just a portion of your house means less disruption to your daily life, as you’ll only need to vacate the rooms being worked on. If you have a young family, it can be less unsettling than double glazing the entire house at once.

• Only upgrade what you need: some houses simply don’t need all their windows upgraded. Perhaps the previous owner has already started the process. Or maybe only the bedrooms are cold and damp, but the lounge and kitchen are fine. If this is the case, it makes sense to only double glaze the windows that need it.

Advantages to double glazing the whole house in one go

• Consistency: by retrofitting the whole house, all the rooms will have the same level of protection from the outdoors, creating a cohesive and comfortable living environment across the whole house.

• Long-term savings: While retrofitting one room at a time may be a more cost-effective option upfront, it can end up being more expensive in the long term. If you need to retrofit multiple rooms, double glazing all the windows at once will cost less than doing it slowly, room by room.

• Reduced power bills: you’ll benefit from a far more energy efficient house if all the windows are double glazed. The house will be better able to maintain a comfortable temperature, making your heat pump more efficient and slashing your power bills.

Concluding the whole house versus room-by-room debate

If you’re planning to do more rooms down the track, we recommend finding a way to double glaze the whole house at once. It’ll save you money in the long-run and leave you with a far more consistent, comfortable house. However, whether it’s for financial reasons, convenience, or you simply only need some of your rooms double glazed, the team at Ryan Double Glazing can certainly retrofit part of your house.

To discuss what double glazing option will work best in your Tauranga, Mt Maunganui, or Papamoa home, speak to the team at Ryan Double Glazing today.