Everything You Need to Know About Low E Glass

At Ryan Double Glazing, we’ve been retrofitting superior windows across Bay of Plenty for over 30 years. And while the two panes of glass are crucial to high performing windows, there are two other key ingredients: argon gas and low E glass. Today, we’re delving into low E glass and why it’s our glass of choice.

What does Low E mean?

Low E stands for low emissivity, and it refers to glass that has a special coating that reflects long wave radiation, significantly reducing the rate at which heat is lost through your windows. The coating itself is incredibly thin and transparent, so it doesn’t affect your windows visually. What you will notice is that your house’s internal temperature stays comfortable and constant.

Why do we use it?

Heat is easily lost through the windows of many NZ homes, and the glass traditionally used is a huge part of the problem. Low E glass is energy-efficient and high performing, and it’s many benefits include:

• A warmer house in winter and a cooler home in summer

• Lower power bills

• A more environmentally friendly home

• Less condensation on your windows

• Less glare and UV radiation

• Great resale value for your home

Paired with double glazing and argon gas

There are three necessary features for the highest performing windows: double glazing, low E glass and argon gas (an inert gas filled in between the two panes of glass). You can choose to just double glaze your windows, or you can decide to just use low E, but it’s the combination of all three factors that make up the ultimate windows for a house that can truly withstand NZ’s winter.

Commercial applications

Double glazing with low E glass is becoming increasingly common not just in households across NZ, but for commercial buildings, too. There are many benefits of retrofitting offices, workshops and shops with superior windows. It keeps workers more comfortable reduces your need for artificial lighting, both of which improve productivity. Energy efficient windows also lower the load on your heat pump, giving it a longer life while also reducing your power bills.

But it’s not for everyone

Low E glass is the best for temperature control, but it is more expensive too. For modern homes that are well insulated, we highly recommend it. For older homes that are lacking insulation, it might make sense to stick to standard glass – which we are happy to do. You’ll still reap the rewards of double glazed windows!

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