Five Ways to Fall Back in Love with your Home

When you move into a new house, everything seems perfect. The old architraves are charming; the gardens are beautiful; the carpet is cosy. The romance is still new, and any quirks just prove that your home is unique. But, if you’ve lived through a winter in your house, especially an older house, those charms may have lost their sheen and you may have spent months feeling cold and damp.

If that sounds like you, here are five things you can do to fall back in love with your home.

Double glaze the windows and doors

First and foremost, get your glass functioning like new by installing retrofit double glazing. Modernising windows and doors might not stand out as much as new carpets or painted walls, but it will certainly make you more comfortable, contribute to a healthier, dryer house and reduce your power bill.

Determine your preferred heating options

Once you have energy efficient double-glazed windows, you’ll find that your heater will be far more effective at warming up your house. The double glazing means that heat won’t escape, so now it’s time to do some research and figure out which heating option – fireplace, heat pump or central heating – is right for you.  

Create easy-care gardens

An attractive garden can draw you in at an open home, but the high maintenance weeding, pruning and spraying can become a chore. If you’re once-beautiful garden is a little worse for wear, consider making some changes to make it easier to care for. Weed mat, stress-free plants and smaller lawns can all let you enjoy your outdoors more.

Prioritise what matters to you most

Once you’ve got necessities like windows and heating sorted, it can be hard to know where to focus your energy next. If your house has a lot of room for renovation potential, don’t let it overwhelm you. Bear in mind that you could call on the services of a renovation company for inspiration and ideas. It's important that you decide what your priority is – a new designer kitchen? The flooring? – and start with what will make you love your home the most.

Tiny touches

After the big-ticket items – double glazing windows, heating, the lawns – are taken care of, it’s time to turn your attention to smaller details in your home and find some ways to insert some of your own personality between the walls. Potted plants, hanging artwork, a new comfy chair…what’s little touches are missing? It’s an easy fix!

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