Government Invests $500m in Retrofit Programme

Kāinga Ora's Retrofit Programme: Enhancing Tenant Well-being

Kāinga Ora is spearheading a transformative initiative to make homes across New Zealand warmer, drier, and healthier. The Retrofit Programme is a key strategy in upgrading older homes, aiming to significantly improve the living conditions of tenants. Following a successful pilot in the Hutt Valley, this programme is now expanding to additional areas, reflecting a substantial $500 million investment. This initiative is not only a significant upgrade to housing but also a boost to regional economies.

Scope and Goals of the Retrofit Programme

The programme has an ambitious target to renovate 10,000 homes over the next decade. The focus is on elevating these homes to or above new build standards, effectively adding another 50 years to their lifespan. The improvements include comprehensive insulation (walls, ceilings, and floors), double glazing, enhanced airtightness, ventilation, and new heating systems. Depending on individual home needs, renovations may also involve updating bathrooms and kitchens, transitioning to open plan living spaces, and improving accessibility. Typically, retrofitting a home takes three to four months, factoring in construction and temporary relocation for tenants.

A Sustainable and Efficient Approach

Retrofit complements Kāinga Ora's broader strategy of building new homes rapidly and on a large scale. Retrofitting is often more efficient and sustainable than constructing new buildings, as it repurposes existing materials rather than starting anew. This approach not only benefits the environment but also supports tenant well-being by improving living conditions without displacing them from their communities. Additionally, the programme presents opportunities for local contractors of various sizes to contribute.

Criteria for Home Selection in the Retrofit Programme

Kāinga Ora carefully assesses properties to determine their suitability for the Retrofit Programme. This evaluation considers several factors, such as the efficiency of upgrading, the best use of the house and land to meet housing needs, and the possibility of redevelopment. While not all homes assessed will undergo retrofitting, Kāinga Ora encourages tenants with concerns or queries about their homes to reach out.

Retrofit Double Glazing in Tauranga

In the context of Kāinga Ora's extensive Retrofit Programme, Ryan Double Glazing in Tauranga stands out as a key player. Specializing in retrofit double glazing for existing joinery, Ryan Double Glazing is poised to contribute significantly to this national effort. Their expertise in installing double glazing aligns seamlessly with the programme's goals of creating warmer, drier, and healthier homes. This collaboration underscores the importance of local expertise in national initiatives, leveraging Ryan Double Glazing's skills to enhance living conditions in public housing across New Zealand.