How Double Glazed Windows Improves the Look of Your Home

Energy efficiency; less noise; a warmer home – the benefits of double glazing are well documented. But did you know that it’s not just the function of your windows that will improve with when you replace them with double glazed glass? It’s the appearance, too.

While our customers are expecting better windows, they are often pleasantly surprised that their home now looks better, too. That got us thinking – maybe we need to tout this benefit a bit more.

So here it is: four ways double glazed windows will enhance your home’s aesthetics. And if you’d like to improve the look and feel of your home, get in touch with Ryan Double Glazing Tauranga today.

Customise your colours

When you retrofit windows with double glazed glass, you get to choose the joinery colour that best suits your house’s exterior and complements the interior’s walls, floors, and furniture.

Popular colours include creams, whites, greys, and of course, the ever-popular black, but more unique options are out there, too. Before you decide, go for a wee drive around the streets of Tauranga and see what catches your fancy.

Choose your favourite finish

Once you’ve selected a colour, the next step is to choose your favourite joinery finish. It’s a great way to put your own personal stamp on your property and make your windows stand out. Popular finishes for aluminium joinery are matte, glossy, and metallic.

When double glazing your windows, you can also add texture by including frosted or etched glass in some of the rooms. This can add character as well as privacy to your home.

Enjoy the appearance of modern handles

It’s not just the joinery and windowpanes that we’ll replace, but your handles, too. While it seems subtle, handles are a great way to tie the details of your home together and give your windows a fresher, more modern look. Say goodbye to broken latches and sticky handles, your new window handles will be both beautiful and easy to use.

Keep your furniture, carpets, and artwork crisp

Beyond the beauty of the windows themselves, double glazing also protects everything inside your home. By keeping harsh UV rays out of your home far better than a single pane of glass, double glazed windows help stop your furniture, flooring, and artwork from fading, keep their colours vibrant and extending their lifespan.

Enjoy the wow effect of new windows

Customise your windows with double glazing and reap the rewards of a home that is not only warm, dry, and quiet, but beautiful, too. For retrofit double glazing in Tauranga, get in touch with the team at Ryan Double Glazing.