How Double Glazing Can Help Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

When summer temperatures rise, there’s a sustainable way to keep your home cool and comfortable without having to crank up the air-conditioning or trying to strategically place fans around your home. With a couple of tips and tricks and a long-term solution, your home can stay at a pleasantly relaxed temperature in the warm summer months - read on and find out how.

Close curtains or blinds

Around 30% of unwanted heat is said to come in through your windows. In the peak sunshine of the day, keep your curtains or blinds shut to reduce the amount of sunshine that peers through. Light coloured curtains are better at reducing heat as they reflect light and darker ones can trap heat in, so bear in mind the colours. Blocking out the sunshine is an easy way to start reducing the heat in your home.

Double glaze your windows

Double glazing is an excellent investment as it has benefits all year round and is a long term solution to managing the temperature of your home, along with many other benefits such as reduced noise and increased security. Installing double glazing is the most effective and sustainable way to reduce additional heat in your home.

If your windows are not double glazed they can result in a huge amount of unwanted heat in your home. Ryan Double Glazing has speciality glass that helps to reduce solar heat gain and the impact of harsh UV rays which get inside during the warmer months. Double glazed windows can reduce heat gain considerably and is an eco-friendly and sustainable long term option.

Reduce interior damage

UV rays can filter through windows that don’t have double glazing and can not only increase the temperature but can cause damage to the interior of your home and also to your skin. UV rays are absorbed by good quality glass which is why quality glass is so important. Double glazing joinery solves this problem and protects your home, furnishings, art and skin from harsh rays.

Build for the elements

If you’re building a new home ensure to speak to your architect or draughtsman about the ways to position your home to gather heat in winter and reduce warmth in summer. You can also install higher double glazed windows to open in the hotter months and get the hot air that rises out of your home. If you strategically install double glazed windows that you can open on opposite sides of the house it allows for a good flow through of cooler air.

If you’d like to discuss the benefits of double glazing the windows of your home in Tauranga give Ryan Double Glazing a call for free advice and quote on 07 575 0365.