How Double Glazing Reduces External Noise

Living in Tauranga or any urban area can expose your home to a variety of external noises, such as traffic, construction, or even neighbours. One solution to significantly reduce the impact of these noises is double glazing. Let's explore how double glazing works, its benefits, and considerations when choosing this noise reduction option.

How Double Glazing Works:

• Double glazing involves two panes of glass separated by a layer of air or gas, typically argon.

• This gap creates an insulating barrier, reducing heat transfer and noise.

• Double glazed windows are more effective than single glazed windows in blocking external noise due to the additional barrier provided by the second glass pane.

Benefits of Double Glazing in Tauranga Homes:

1. Noise reduction:

• Decreases external noise by up to 50%

• Allows for a more peaceful home environment, particularly in busy urban areas like Tauranga

2. Improved energy efficiency:

• Reduces heat transfer, resulting in better insulation

• Lowers energy bills by minimising the need for heating and cooling systems

3. Enhanced security:

• Double glazed windows are more difficult to break

• Provides additional protection for your home

4. Increased property value:

• Investing in double glazing can improve the resale value of your home

• Attractive to potential buyers who value a quieter, more energy-efficient living space

Considerations When Choosing Double Glazing for Noise Reduction:

• Glass thickness: Opt for thicker glass to further enhance noise reduction capabilities.

• Glass type: Laminated glass, which consists of two or more panes bonded together with a layer of PVB (polyvinyl butyral), offers additional sound insulation.

• Gap size: The wider the gap between the glass panes, the more effective the noise reduction. Aim for a gap of at least 12mm for optimal results.

• Frame materials: Consider using uPVC or aluminium frames for their noise reduction properties and durability.

• Installation: Ensure professional installation to guarantee maximum noise reduction and efficiency.


Double glazing can be an effective way to reduce external noise and improve the quality of life in your Tauranga home. In addition to noise reduction, it offers other benefits such as enhanced energy efficiency, security, and property value. Be sure to consider factors such as glass thickness, glass type, gap size, and frame materials when selecting the right double glazing solution for your needs.