I’m a Landlord – Should I Double Glaze My Rental Home’s Windows?

Owning a rental home is a big investment, but it’s one that often pays off in spades. If you are a landlord, we reckon there’s a million and one reasons why retrofitting your rental property with double glazed windows is worthwhile. From protecting your property to keeping your tenants healthy, here’s a few of our top reasons.

Warmer homes are now compulsory

The rules and regulations around rental homes are changing in NZ with landlords needing to provide warmer homes to their tenants. In July 2019, ceiling and underfloor insulation become compulsory.

By July 2021, rental homes will be required to have fixed heating devices in living areas that can bring the room’s temperature up to 18 degrees or higher. There are new rules around ventilation, moisture, drainage and draughts too.

But they didn’t say anything about windows!

That’s true, double glazing is not a requirement, but it is certainly helpful in achieving the other new standards. Windows are one of the biggest areas for heat loss – by retrofitting double glazed glass into existing aluminium joinery, your house will retain warm air better and keep cold air out, helping you reach this target of 18 degrees.

But regulations aside, there are plenty other reasons to double glaze your rental’s windows.

Keep your tenants

If you are looking to hold on to good tenants, double glazed windows are one of the best ways. They are appealing to renters as they not only provide a warmer home, but are also more energy efficient, leading to lower power bills.

Protect your asset

Single pane windows are a contributing factor to condensation which, when left unchecked, leads to mould and mildew. By double glazing your windows, you are protecting your biggest asset – your house! – from the extensive damage that dampness can cause.


The new rules around rental properties saw home owners scrambling to install insulation in time, or risk hefty fines. With NZ’s houses known for being too cold and damp, the chances of more stringent rules are high. By retrofitting your windows now, you are future-proofing your rental home if and when regulations change further.

Doing your bit

Doesn’t everyone deserve a warm, dry home? It’s worth considering the health and wellbeing of the people living in your rental house. Children in damp, cold, draughty houses are more susceptible to respiratory illnesses like asthma and bronchitis. By investing in double glazing, you are increasing your home’s value while also helping protect the health of those living within.

Time to retrofit your windows?

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