Quarter of New Zealand Homes Causing Sickness to Occupants

Ryan Double Glazing is championing the move to make New Zealand homes healthier. They advocate for double glazing existing aluminium windows, a proven solution for a warmer, drier household which consequently helps reduce the risk of illnesses.

Taking the lead in sustainable living, Peter Neilson, the head of the Council for Sustainable Development, is actively working towards making his home more insulated and efficient.

Mr. Neilson highlighted, “There are around one million New Zealand homes that are not up to the mark in terms of energy efficiency.”

From a survey the council conducted with 3,500 New Zealanders:

• 26% reported that the conditions in their homes led to someone getting sick, which equates to a concerning 410,000 unhealthy homes.

• 59% felt their homes could be warmer and cozier but couldn't afford the necessary upgrades.

• A whopping 90% were actively seeking expert advice on enhancing their living conditions.

The core issue? Inadequate insulation. Neilson shed light on this, saying, “The country might be overspending by nearly half a billion dollars annually on energy, essentially warming up the outdoors instead of our interiors.”

A move towards healthier homes isn't just about comfort. Such improvements can prevent approximately 50 daily hospital admissions due to respiratory conditions, translating to an annual saving of $54 million. This shift could also bolster productivity by $17 million by reducing sick leaves and considerably slashing household electricity bills.

Neilson emphasized the importance of upgrading the vast majority of New Zealand homes. “While 20,000 new homes are constructed annually, the existing 1.6 million homes should adhere to a grading system. This ensures potential buyers and renters are aware of the home's health and energy efficiency.”

Neilson pointed out international trends, saying, “Overseas data indicates homes with better efficiency ratings fetch higher prices. Presently, in New Zealand, homeowners see limited financial benefits from enhancements like added insulation or double glazing.”

Thankfully, the council has announced that the new government backs this initiative. Plans are in motion to establish the necessary regulations by year-end. And for homeowners in Tauranga looking to make these beneficial changes, Ryan Double Glazing stands ready to assist.

A home that maintains warmth during winter and stays cool in summer, all while preventing mould and dampness, is both healthy and comfortable. However, in Tauranga and Mount Maunganui, numerous older residences weren't constructed considering the local climate.

Nevertheless, creating a healthful environment doesn't require starting from scratch. Simply retrofitting with double glazing can make a significant difference. Double-glazed windows prevent air leaks, ensuring a consistent indoor temperature throughout the year and pairing well with insulation to reduce condensation.