What is Double Glazing and How Does it Work?

We’ve all heard of it but do you actually know what double glazing is? Double glazed windows and doors are fittings that have 2 panes of glass side by side, a 12 mm gap is the most recommended distance, but this does vary, usually the gap won’t go higher than 20mm or lower than 6 mm. Why? You ask, that’s a really good question.

How Does It Work?

The double-glazed window or door has these two panes so that Argon gas can be trapped inside. Argon is known as the ‘lazy’ gas, because it slows down heat particles as they try to escape through the windows. Although we may think that a gas could be poisonous, this gas is ‘inert’ - in other words it is non-reactive, so totally safe. Another inert gas that is sometimes used in double glazing is Krypton! So you can keep the heat in and Superman out, or in, it’s up to you ;-)

What Is Retrofitting?

Ryan Double Glazing in Mount Maunganui are retrofitters, this is another term you may have heard many times without really thinking about what it means. Retrofitting means that we come to your home and fit double glazing to the aluminium windows and doors that you already have. We remove the panes of glass that are already there, and we fit your new double panes into the space - so every pane is custom made for your window or door.

Not All Glass Is Created Equal

Did you know there are many types of glass? The glass that we use to replace your glass is specially designed to keep the heat in your home and to keep the cold and some of the UV rays out. This glass is called LowE, this just stands for Low Emission, so whatever the glass absorbs, it lets go of less than other glasses. It does this because it is more reflective, this is achieved with a coating of super reflective metal oxides. This double-glazing window and door glass is specially manufactured to better insulate your home, and you can’t see the coating as it is baked into the glass.

Ryan Double Glazing looks after homes in Mt Maunganui, Papamoa and in Tauranga. Our team is handpicked by Ryan himself because he wants you to have the best possible experience when you order your retrofit double glazing. Get in touch today to book, it’s time to save on your energy bill and protect your furnishings from harmful UV rays.

There are plenty of reasons why you should double glaze your existing windows or doors, which may assist in your decision process.