Why Double Glazing is Your Sustainable Window Solution

In summer, there can be less incentive to think about double glazing. You can open the windows or flick on the air conditioner, and you’ve long forgotten the frustration of a cold home. But there’s another reason to double glaze your windows: sustainability.

Double glazed glass makes for an energy efficient home, and if you are committed to reducing your carbon footprint in 2023, double glazing your Tauranga, Mt Maunganui or Papamoa house is one the best ways to do so. Here’s why.

Reduce heat transfer for a more sustainable home

The key to a sustainable house is to limit heat transfer, which is where double glazed windows come in. In summer, you want to limit the hot air outside getting into your house. Then, you’ll be more comfortable and less inclined to turn to energy-zapping air conditioners and fans to cool yourself down.

In winter, you want to hold onto that warm air, stop it from escaping and leaving you shivering. It’s more energy efficient to use the heat pump as little as possible, but you can’t do this if all your warm air is fleeing through the glass.

The solution is double glazing your windows, which reduces heat transfer by up to 80 percent, leaving your house better equipped to maintain the ideal temperature.

The environmental domino effect of double glazing

When heat can’t escape through the windows, you need less electricity to heat or cool your house – but this isn’t the only way that double glazed windows make for a sustainable house. They also:

Limit condensation – your double glazed windows and joinery will last longer, and you won’t be buying a whole lot of new gadgets in an attempt to stop your windows from streaking.

Fight mould – with a dryer home, mould has less chance of taking over your windows and walls, and you won’t need to turn to harsh cleaning chemicals to fight the mould.

Promote healthier air quality – with double glazed windows, your house won’t feel stuffy or stale, and this will stop you searching for energy-consuming tools designed to improve the air quality.

Put that money to good use

If you’re serious about sustainability, you can put some of the money your double glazed windows saved you towards more sustainable solutions and habits, like buying food in bulk or sourcing package-free toiletries.

Now’s the time to double glaze your windows

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