Why Double Glazing Isn’t Just for Winter

Suffering through cold and damp houses does not have to be a rite of passage anymore in NZ! But even if you believe that ‘the cold only lasts a few months,’ the benefits of double glazing far surpass winter alone. Here are five reasons why double glazing is a worthy investment – all year long.

Enhanced security

If you want to improve the safety and security of your home, double glazing your windows should be right up on the list alongside sturdy locks and security latches. These windows have an additional layer of glass, making for windows that are stronger and harder to break. Thieves are looking for an easy target – if their first attempt at smashing through your window fails, they’ll likely look elsewhere.

Save money on your power bill

It’s not all about warmth in winter – by providing a better barrier between warm and cool air, your double-glazed windows will also dramatically reduce your electricity bills. This is a year-round benefit as not only will your heating be more efficient in winter, but you also won’t be losing that cool air-conditioned air in summer.

Protect your biggest asset

Dampness and moisture are more than just unsightly and unhealthy, they also damage your biggest asset: your home. In Tauranga, single pane windows lead to condensation, which drips down, damaging the joinery and walls below. The extra moisture in your home also encourages mould growth, which wreaks havoc on walls and ceilings, furniture and carpets. Double glazing limits the excess moisture and condensation in your home, keeping everything inside in better shape.

Tune out neighbourhood noise

Whether it’s the sounds of children playing or dogs barking, nearby trains or on-street traffic, sometimes the neighbourhood’s ambient noise can become too much. You’re never going to stop traffic, and you don’t want to be that neighbour who complains about children running in their yards – but there is hope yet! Double glazed windows insulate against the outside sounds, creating a quieter, more comfortable home.

Stop UV damage in summer

In summer, the UV rays from the harsh NZ sun stream into your home, which would be lovely were it not for its tendency to fade furniture, carpets and artwork. Windows that are double glazed block out more of the sun’s rays, drastically reducing the amount of damage being done inside your house and giving your furnishings and photos a longer shelf life.

A warm house in winter is a beautiful thing – but double glazed windows is more than a one trick pony! Give Ryan Double Glazing a call today and reap the many rewards for your Bay of Plenty or Waikato home.