Why Double Glazing Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

There’s one month left of 2022, the countdown to Christmas is on, and then we all turn our attention to the year ahead. The new year always brings the promise of change, and there’s never been a better time to take care of your biggest asset – your home.

Here are four reasons why double glazing your windows should be among your list of New Year’s resolutions. And if you’re ready to invest in your Bay of Plenty or Waikato home, speak to Ryan Double Glazing Tauranga today.

Start the year off strong

With Christmas shopping behind us, the new year is the best time to plan, prepare and budget for the year ahead. It’s time to take inventory of your home and really figure out what needs to be fixed up in the coming year. That means if your house feels cold and damp each winter, this is the time to do something about it. Even if you wait until autumn to get your double glazed windows installed, now is the best time to book it in.

Keep cool, comfortable, and safe this summer

Get on top of things early in the new year and you can reap the rewards of double glazed windows in time for the peak of summer. You might think double glazing is important in winter, but there are many benefits of having double glazed windows in summer, as well.

First, double glazed windows reduce solar heat gain, meaning your home will be a cool oasis from the midday sun. Plus, double glazing filters harsh UV rays which can damage not only your skin, but your furniture, carpets and artwork, too. And the cherry on top is that double glazing also reduces neighbourhood noise and improves your home’s security.

Get organised

One of the most common New Year’s Resolutions – up there with diet and exercise – is to get more organised. The new year is filled with the potential of changing habits for the better, and if improving your organisational skills is one of your goals, here’s your chance. Jobs around the house can fall off our list of priorities: book in your window’s double glazing installation now and you’ll set the tone for a more organised year.

Do your part for the planet

Another highly ranked New Year resolution is to be find ways to be more sustainable. We’re all searching for ways to be eco-friendly, and while carrying a Keep Cup and shopping second-hand are great, did you know double glazing your windows will also help? Because double glazed glass reduces heat transfer, your air conditioner and heat pump won’t have to work as hard, which makes an impact on your carbon footprint year-round.

Get the ball rolling for 2023 with Ryan Double Glazing

If you want to start the year off with a bang by taking care of your Tauranga, Bay of Plenty of Waikato home, book an appointment with Ryan Double Glazing today.