Why Retrofit Double Glazing is a Worthy Investment

In NZ, new building code regulations have been put into place to guarantee more people have warmer, dryer homes. This means that double glazing is required in a new build, but what about older homes? While replacing single pane windows with double glazing isn’t currently compulsory, retrofitting is certainly a good idea and a worthwhile investment.

Here’s why.

Warmer homes

Double glazed windows are made of two panes of glass with an air or argon gas-filled cavity in between them. Unlike single pane windows which are a huge source of heat loss, double glazed windows act like insulation, making life indoors a lot safer, warmer and more comfortable in winter.

While retrofit double glazing makes a big difference on its own, when combined with other measures like insulation and effective heating, it can drastically improve the conditions of Kiwi homes.

Less condensation

Another benefit of double glazing is decreasing condensation – those wet streaks that you might notice on your windows each morning. While double glazing won’t fix the problem completely on its own, it’s one piece of the puzzle for keeping cold air outside so your windows stay dry.

Energy efficient

You’ll notice the effects of retrofit double glazed windows on your next power bill. Double glazing is energy efficient as you’re not fighting a losing battle with warm air easily escaping as you try to heat up your home.

Why retrofit windows instead of buy new ones?

It’s far more affordable to retrofit your windows than buy brand new ones. Complicated as it may sound, when professionals like the team at Tauranga’s Ryan Double Glazing do it, it’s a simple, quick and tidy job. There are no consents to apply for, no builders to hire, and no need to move out of your house.

Our only requirement is that you have aluminium joinery – we don’t retrofit timber windows. In some cases, the aluminium is too old or broken for retrofitting to work, but if this is the case, we’ll tell you straight away.

Beautiful looking windows

The end product is attractive windows. We match units to the colour of your existing joinery; we can replace window seals and refresh door handles. We can add new security stays and pet doors. You can also use this as an opportunity to modernise your windows and doors, removing vision rails and vertical bars.

Ready to invest in retrofit double glazed windows for your Bay of Plenty or Waikato home? Give Ryan Double Glazing a ring today – 07 575 0365.